We are content specialists, focused on quality and with a strong experimental side.

We put Shifter's talent and a network of trusted freelancers at the disposal of brands, helping them communicate in new digital media.


Advertising space on the website or other media.

Varied formats and the possibility of implementing special formats.

Managed in partnership with SAPO.


Production of content about companies, brands, sectors, with or without direct reference to the promoted product.

Publication on Shifter and anonymous production for other platforms.

Varied formats with the possibility of photography or video.


Total or partial financing of items, newsletters or Shifter functionalities.

Sponsorship of specific initiatives, journalistic works or new formats.

Digital or physical medium.

Advertising Table

CPM: Medium-Rectangle € 80.00 / Half-Page € 135.00 / Richmedia Desktop € 250.00 / Richmedia Mobile € 250.00
VCPM: Medium-Rectangle € 120.00 / Half-Page € 200.00 / Richmedia Desktop € 375.00 / Richmedia Mobile € 375.00

For more information, contact comercial@telecom.pt

At Shifter X we create teams capable of responding to any challenge.


We develop creative solutions, anchored in our vast experience in areas such as writing and web design.


We have experience in preparing, promoting, participating and moderating debates.

Web Solutions

We advise, create and manage web solutions tailored to the needs of each brand, with Shifter quality.


We promote and conduct workshops related to the Shifter or other areas.

Brands can invest in Shifter and, therefore, in journalism. Everyone wins.

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