The benefit is a Portuguese brand that produces limited series of Portuguese products with high added value and with a close attention to detail. With the motto “Nobody knows what it is, but it will be incredible”, Benefício asserts itself as a publisher, capable of surprising each launch. Among the products he has already launched is a backpack, a ginga liquor, an olive oil, a lady's bag and a computer bag. As for what will come, no one knows what it will be but it will be incredible.

To relaunch its online store, the main selling point, Benefício asked the Shifter for help. We simplified that channel with a solution WooCommerce for offering a lot of flexibility through the WordPress ecosystem. We also reorganized the different pages of the previous site, trying to understand the best way to present the very and varied content that Benefício has produced over the years. Thus, we reduced the number of menus and made the information more accessible and visually appealing. We also brought to the site some content that was on other platforms, such as YouTube and Instagram, thus creating a centralized and cohesive narrative of the brand.